Products & Services - Die-Casting


Our experienced engineers provide our customers with technical assistance to help optimise the part design to improve quality and efficiency for all stages of the die-casting process.

High pressure die casting and gravity die casting

Our well equipped facilities offer both high pressure & gravity fed die casting supplying components in both aluminium & zinc alloy weighing just a few grams to very large parts weighing as much as 5 kilograms.

Discuss your ideas today with our engineers to help finalise your design and provide you with a competitive quotation.
Die-Casting tooling

Sino has considerable experience in sourcing tooling for both die-cast and injection moulded parts. The quality of a die-cast part and its successful manufacture starts with well designed and a well constructed tool. Our engineers will work with the toolmaker to ensure that all tooling meets the requirements of the project whether it is a prototype, low or high volume production.

Metal Finishing

A wide range of cosmetic and protective coatings can be applied to the finished casting for both decorative and engineering applications:

  • Sand & bead blasting
  • Wet spray painting
  • Powder coating
  • Zinc plating
  • Electrophoretic
  • Bronze & gold effects
  • Satin & gloss finishes available