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The manufacture of injection moulded enclosures for the bathroom shower, telephone and fire alarm applications has led us into the supply of many rubber components such as gaskets for water proofing, cable protection, soft touch parts on TIG welding torches, flexible ice cube trays and on/off buttons fitted to an alarm for the elderly.

Some of the rubber types we use include:

  • Flouroelastomers
    This is a family of rubbers designed to be used at very high temperature. They can operate continuously somewhat above 200C depending on the grade, and occasionally at temperatures as high as 300C.
  • Natural Rubber
    The outstanding strength of natural rubber has made it the preferred choice in many engineering applications. It has a long fatigue life and high strength even without reinforcing fillers.
  • Nitrile Rubber
    At temperatures up to 100C, or with special compounding up to 120C, nitrile rubber provides an economic material having a high resistance to hydrocarbon oils and fuels. Different grades are available -the higher the acrylonitrile (ACN) content, the higher the oil resistance but the poorer is the low temperature flexibility.
  • TPE (Thermoplastic elastomers) br Although sometimes referred to as thermoplastic rubber, TPEs are really copolymers or a mix of a plastic and rubber giving them both thermoplastic and rubber properties. Products made from TPE are generally injection moulded or extruded allowing them to be produced in bright colours, often overmoulded onto rigid plastics to give a soft feel and can be recycled.